Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ryman Schruff

If you guys follow us on twitter.... Facebook.... Instagram.... or know us in general, you already know that we got a puppy last week. Let us introduce you to Ryman. He is a six-week old Labmaraner. He is half labrador, half weimaraner, and 100% full baby.

We found out about these pups on Facebook. We've been wanting a rescue dog, and have always had a love for weimaraners, and everything progressed from there, and we ended up with this little dude on his six week birthday.

He's definitely a baby, but he's a fast learner. This picture is of him learning to go up and down stairs. The first couple of days we had him, we had to carry him, but after that he learned to go up and down on his own. He's a very sweet pup, and we're excited to have him join our family.

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